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I’m on a mission: to scout the world for ways to make life EASIER and HAPPIER.


And whenever I learn something that helps me see life in an EASIER or HAPPIER way, I adopt it, making my life… EASIER and HAPPIER.


And then I share those ideas with YOU so that you can make your life EASIER and HAPPIER!

About me

Hey my fellow upviber, it's Chris Newth again! If I were touring you around this website like it was my house, I guess this page is basically the bedroom. Welcome! ...Ignore the hamper.


In a nutshell: 

I'm a guy who followed my childhood dream to work on Conan until I did, then learned some life-changing mindset shifts that helped my life change so much that the most FUN thing I can now dream of doing is going out into the world and sharing these common sense mindset-shifting life cheat codes with you!


I'd say my vibe is generally relaxed and optimistic, with loud bursts of laughter mixed in. So if you want that kind of perspective on things, you're in the perfect place!


I'll teach you common sense ways to look at the world that allow you to…

🧘‍♂️ Find your authentic self (be who you truly are)
😄 Get happy & stay happy (most the time)
💪 Become super confident
🕊️ Feel a sense of freedom (both internal and external)
🌊 Live in flow
❤️ Create healthy relationships
📖 Change the negative stories you tell yourself
🚀 Manifest what YOU care about in this life


My Journey

As I mentioned, I have a real passion for finding ways to make my life easier and happier. It might be my favorite thing to do these days. Well, okay—second—right after putting grapes in my yogurt (I know, I know, it sounds weird—but just TRY it, okay?!)

And I think a great CHEAT CODE to creating and enjoying an easier, happier life is to PLAY more.

One of my personal life mantras is to FOLLOW THE FUN. It's always led me to cool people and cool things!

Come to think of it, I've been following the fun my whole life...

*cue classic TV flashback ripple sequence*

My story begins in a ball pit in 1987...

And it's never stopped!


That utter joy and delight BEAMING off my little baby face was something I brought into the rest of my life.


Do you know how many pictures I have of me mid-belly laugh?? It's a lot. And usually with my friend Claire... 

Okay, let's jump to about 8 years ago...

The first stretch of my career was in TV. Talk shows to be exact. CONAN to be the most possibly exact, 2nd floor.

It was an awesome job on the exact TV show I dreamed about working on since middle school! Back then, it was always Conan or WWE wrestling... I knew I'd find my way to one of those places.

And I did! Manifested. ⚡︎

Conan was the best job I ever had and the most fun I ever had—not counting what I’m doing now ...or that day I pretended to be a dolphin instructor at the Y.

I was an associate producer who helped produce some of my favorite actors and comedians.

I also got to book cool human interest guests (like a sex mathematician and a guy who makes musical instruments out of vegetables).

I also worked on the food segments, the stunt segments, and the animal segments.

And in a crazy twist, I also ended up booking WWE wrestlers (BOTH my childhood dreams, manifested together in a cool way I definitely hadn't predicted)!


All to say—I was in some ways living the dream… but my personal life was sometimes...*cue Price Is Right sad horn sound*




It started small and grew over the course of years. It popped up at work and at home—in the form of overthinking, worrying over things I had no control over, and eventually all-out panic attacks—and those things got in the way of me being able to enjoy a normal life.


I tried like crazy to control everything, yet felt totally out of control.


I was overwhelmed: too much to do, too much to think about, too much to figure out.

I was insecure: I had social anxiety about going to events bc I feared what other people were gonna think of me. And I wouldn't even enter the office kitchen if someone was there bc I worried about not knowing what to say. I was intimidated.

The fear started manifesting in inconvenient ways, like worrying about not having a bathroom while I was on the highway (what if I needed to go?!)—which made me a nervous wreck when traveling or even driving to work in the morning.


I once had a full-on panic attack at work while eating trail mix after thinking: “What if I’m allergic to nuts??” (I’m not.)


It was a confusing time for me.

And honestly, I assumed I’d have anxiety for the rest of my life—like something I was destined to have forever, I guess, with medication and therapy to help. But the good news is: 


I changed. And then so did everything else.


In July of 2019 I came across some books in personal development and spiritual self-help that really shifted the way I looked at things. I started looking at life from a different angle (a zoomed-out one).

I suddenly had this amazing, conscious clarity about how to live life: 

✳️ I started listening to myself & my emotions, and I approached life differently based on how I felt.

✳️ I started telling myself different stories—better stories—that made life feel easier, more relaxed, more free, and more fun. 

✳️ I started doing more things that made me happy on purpose, and I started saying NO to people and things I wasn't feeling. It was FREEING!



And with that, my world flipped


The change was quick.

Within a few couple days of practicing that, I felt NOTICEABLY happier. I'd have spontaneous moments of appreciation and love for little things I saw around me.

I literally felt a tingly lightness in my chest—like the feeling you get when you drive over a dip in the road and your heart rises up.

I'd get that feeling with simple daily pleasures, like seeing pretty skies, or watching strangers laughing with each other on the street.

I was raising my vibe!!

And with that, my stress went away. The anxiety I’d carried for years DISAPPEARED, my panic attacks stopped.

I was able to get off Lexapro and stopped going to therapy. I didn’t need to pee behind bushes or on top of parking garages anymore out of fear I wouldn't make it to a bathroom in time. A real win-win-win in retrospect.

I was...happily relaxed.







All from simple MINDSET shifts!!

With my whole life having been lifted (and my bladder suddenly relaxed), it brought lots of clarity to me. As you can imagine, losing my anxiety and feeling way more confident and connected with who I really am—it changes you!!


And that was super exciting. I became a different person (MYSELF!): confident, free, super consistently happy, myself living fearlessly as ME.


So when this change happened... ALL I wanted to do was share these happy mindset cheat codes with WHOEVER was interested!! It had such a big impact on me that it totally changed the trajectory of my dreams.

No longer did I want to work in TV. After all—I already achieved my Conan dream ✅

Now the dream UPDATED into sharing THIS information with you. (Hey that’s what this website is, and what I'm doing. Right now!)

Cut to: you


As your newest high-vibing friend, I'm here to teach you easy, common sense ways to raise your vibes and find the same HAPPINESS and FREEDOM that I did.

It’s a fun gig! I get to empower people by reminding them of what I reminded myself to finally break free—that doing what makes YOU happy is a GOOD thing, that your emotions are actually telling you things that you should listen to, and that cinnamon rolls just taste better cold!


Let me ask you this… Do you ever have thoughts like…
😕 “Life's okay, but I want more love, joy, fun, & excitement."
😕 "I want to be more consistently happy, but I don’t know where to start.”
😕 "How can I feel good enough, worthy, deserving of what I want out of life?"
😕 “Sometimes things are so overwhelming and confusing. I wish life could just be easier for me.”
😕 “I feel stuck and I want to get back on track.”
😕 “I wish I knew how to be less stressed, worried, and anxious about things.”
😕 “I have dreams for myself, but I doubt I'll get there.”


Ooh ooh ooooh, this is where I can help! I've taught a bunch of people how to listen to their emotions and find themselves, and you can do it too! ...You can even start TODAY!!



Start here with the MOST helpful thing


Of ALL the mindset cheat codes I've found over the last four years, the SINGLE BIGGEST game-changer that shifted everything for me and solved soooooo much of my issues by itself was…

*dramatic pause for effect*

Paying attention to how I FEEL and then approaching my life differently based on what kind of feeling it is (good or bad).


That’s it.


When I let myself be guided by my emotions, it unlocked miracles for me...

✳️ I never considered that my anxiety might just go completely away someday, but then it did!

✳️ I never thought that I could be happy most of the time, pretty much every day (even on days when bad stuff happens), but now I am!

✳️ I knew that dreams were achievable (including Conan), but I didn’t think I could purposely play such a direct role in bringing them to life, but now I’m doing it!





Wanna start right now??


Check out the Vibe Guide below! Totally free. It’s a one-page cheat sheet that you can keep on your computer or print and hang up all over the place—your desk, your wall, your mirror, your fridge—as a reminder to listen to yourself every day.

It literally teaches you how to let your emotions guide you by breaking things down into two simple categories: “Feel Good? Do THESE things.” “Feel Bad? Do THOSE things.” Try it out and see what YOU can shift by listening to yourself!

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No matter your age, your profession, your DREAM, or what your current situation might look like right now—your success and happiness is LOGICALLY INEVITABLE if you practice raising your VIBES!


I’ve manifested...

🤩 A DREAM JOB on CONAN—the exact TV show I dreamed about working on since I was a kid

👥 DOZENS of close, meaningful friendships

✨ A life and schedule that’s completely FREE

🧠 All the mindset cheat codes that released me from anxiety, panic attacks, & medication

🚀 A business where I teach those cheat codes to YOU!

😁 And most importantly, SUPER consistent HAPPINESS each & every day (yes, even on days when bad stuff happens)!




I believe in you 🌈✌

Wanna ⬆️ your vibes WITH other people??

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