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Personal coaching from a logical, common sense, positive & optimistic person's eyes.


Here to remind you of logical feel-good mindset cheat codes to life that help make it easier, happier, and more in flow with the kind of life you wanna manifest for yourself  😎

⬆️ Vibe coaching ⬆️


You. Me. Maybe a little banana bread close by. Little iced tea. Really depends on what you have at home bc these are remote...

But we get together & chat about what would make YOUR life easier, smoother, happier, flowy-er, and full of fun, interesting, & exciting movement toward the things YOU care about!


Look, love love love talking about life's logical cheat codes—in YouTube videos, in cheat code emails. All over!

But coaching is SPECIFICALLY cool bc I get to know YOU—YOUR life, YOUR vibes, YOUR goals & dreams, what YOU want, what stories YOU'RE telling yourself...


So I'll have a pretty good idea which cheat codes will work best for YOU personally—for more consistent happiness, flow, sense of self, & cool manifestations 🎮 ⬆️


And coolest part—it's all LOGICAL and common sense why using our emotions as our main guide & changing the stories we tell ourselves works sooooo well for me and a bunch of the cool ppl I've coached.


🗯 Speaking of the cool ppl I've coached... Here's what they say!! 🗯

Qiana T.

Surround yourself with people who speak life into you! Chris is very passionate about helping people achieve their goals and desires and you'll feel that through his coaching.

I found Chris at a point in my journey that I needed to be surrounded by positive thinking and focus on what is in store. . . He is very uplifting and encouraging. He definitely passes the vibe check. I highly recommend his coaching.

Andrea H.

I feel so blessed to have experienced his life coaching expertise and immediately (and easily) started implementing the words of wisdom into my daily practice.

My happiness bar increased within a few days and continues to climb as I practice shifting my lens and view on life. It has felt so good to feel the change within myself and to witness how it has started to impact others around me.

Chris has a unique gift which he shares so freely and I am thankful for being the recipient of his kindness and generosity.

Keetin M.

Chris's way of simplifying and combining larger ideas and practices is amazing. I'm starting to do these positive things subconsciously now that it feels so effortless.

I have had so many "ah ha!" moments in the weeks since working with him. It's been an incredible step forward in how I deal with my own mental health and attitude every day.

What do we do in vibe coaching?


👉 My main goal: teach you how to coach yourself so you can do it anytime, anywhere you want 💪

✌️ Second goal: teach you how to change the negative & limiting stories you're telling yourself that don't serve you anymore 📝

🤟 Third goal: remind you to have FUN!! (it's a cool shortcut, guys)


☝ But with those in mind, we do all kinds of cool stuff in coaching hangouts👇 



🌈 We create an open, optimistic space—a place where you can talk positively about yourself & your life.

🚀 We chat about your goals, dreams, & aspirations—and how to logically manifest them!🔥

🙌 We celebrate your wins and what's going right! You moving towards your dreams & goals is INEVITABLE if you're doing it on purpose & using your emotions to guide you... and wins are part of that!

🚧 We talk about your challenges and catch the negative limiting stories (negative self-talk) that can block you, slow you down, and get in your way.

🎮 We find NEW ways you could look at things—logical, positive stories you can tell yourself instead that can SHIFT your mindset and make fears, doubts, insecurities, and even yes, self-a-hole-ery fade from those NEW vantage points. Mindset cheat codes, baby!

⬆️ We raise your vibes by focusing on what you enjoy and what you want more of in life—and finding new common sense stories that SUPPORT you and what you're doing in life!

"I absolutely loved my experience with Chris's group class! I did it with my wife and I felt like we came out of it with a whole new language to use when talking about how we felt that allowed us to better understand each other's needs. He made it understandable and enjoyable in a way that I really appreciated. Highly recommend!"


-Dylan C.

Which of these do YOU want more of?


When I talk to people, they usually want to find more of one or more of these 4 areas:


🤗  JOY / FUN / PLAY / LOVE  (the fun & play part of life!) 🤗
Playing, joking, being lighthearted, having fun, getting excited, passionate about what we love!! The adventures, the travel, meeting new people, friends, lovers, great food. This area is also where belly laughs live.

🕊️ FREE / CONFIDENT / WORTHY / CONSCIOUS / CONNECTED  (the empowering part of life!) 🕊️
Feeling in touch with our authentic self. Consciously knowing who we are and how inherently worthy we are for being a conscious part of this cool universe. Living with a vibe of freedom—to be ourselves and to enjoy the things in life we enjoy. Confident & aware of our ability to figure out pretty much anything with our mind—and knowing the awesome power that gives us.

🌴 RELAXED / EASE / FLOW / PEACE  (the easy flowy part of life!) 🌴
The element of rest, relaxation, ease, comfort, and just being. The relaxing feeling of getting to be cozy without stress or guilt. The feeling of being in flow with ourselves and the universe, where things just feel easy, smooth, helpful, and flowy! Fewer things bump us, and the ones that do don't keep us down long, because you're flowing, baby! Ahhhhhhhh 😌

🚀 MANIFESTING / LIVING DREAMS / CREATING  (the moving in the direction we want to go in life part of life!) 🚀
Having a vision for ourselves and what we want our life to look like, and then moving toward that. It's also the sensation of creating cool moments we want to experience—whether that's finding romantic love, or a great job, or more confidence, or more money, or better friendships, or crystal-clear clarity, or a deeper understanding of ourselves.


You want a coupl...oh all? ALL those things??

Hell yeah! You deserve them.

And it's common sense that you can get them! Everything you want is just a series of ideas away (damn that's one of my favorite cheat codes 😉)


It's just simple mindset shifts—looking at something differently—that can change your entire world from the inside (mind) out!

And that's what we focus on in coaching! Getting you those cool mindset SHIFTS that are grounded in logic—and doing it with the most helpful common sense cheat codes I know, specifically tailored to YOU! 🤔💡🤯


"Going into this workshop, I thought I had a good handle on manifesting. Chris’ lessons broke it down in ways I hadn’t thought of, and really honed in on the ways to change patterns and beliefs in a way that worked for me.


I learned so much, and the peer group aspect was really nice, because sometimes someone would share something and it would click for me too! If you’re feeling stuck, I would highly recommend taking this workshop."

-Alison U.



Who's vibe coaching for??


You may LOVE vibe coaching if you... 

🚀 Want to improve your life

🧘‍♂️ Want to feel in touch with yourself and who you really are

🕊️ Want to feel like you live more freely

😄 Want to be happy (like, very consistently happy)!!

💪 Want to find your confidence and feel genuinely empowered

👥  Want to be guided by a logically optimistic guy who's there to support, encourage, and uplift you!

🌊 Want to find ways to live in flow more and get more peace out of life (even when unexpected things pop up)

✨ Want to manifest the dreams you have in your head for yourself (or to discover what your dreams are if you haven't really thought about it)!


You'll also probably LOVE it if you’re into...


💪  personal development

✨  self-discovery

📚 self-help

🔆 the power positivity can have on life (while also knowing the value in feeling negative emotions too)

😊  anyone who likes positive life reminders from a relaxed optimist who's found lotsa common sense ways to look at the world that might make yours a little easier and nicer too 😌



No matter what your current happiness level might be right now, you're a great fit as long as...


1️⃣ You have that KNOWING deep inside you that you WANT to be happier.

2️⃣ You know shifting things starts with changing how you look at things, so you're open to learning new perspectives that can change how you look at things! 😎


Like this one...

Cheat code: Create change by going with the flow & following the fun.

The problem with kicking our own ass to make change happen is that best case're getting your ass kicked forever.


My own journey to finding life's coolest cheat codes


You know those moments in your life that end up being turning points for you—times when something so big or meaningful happens and it changes the trajectory of your life?

One of those happened to me in July of 2019.


Up til that point, I'd prob describe myself as a pretty happy-go-lucky kinda guy who enjoyed a lot of my life—had a great social life, amazing friends, game nights, loved my job at Conan. Lotsa cool experiences!


But I also had ANXIETY. For years. And it slowly grew over time.


🥊 I beat myself up over lots of things.

😵‍💫 I obsessed & stressed—lots of overthinking myself into spirals.

😟 I worried about what other people were gonna think of me, and it led to lots of second-guessing myself, not doing what I actually wanted to do, and feeling insecure.

🗜 I said yes to events & stuff I didn't really wanna go to, out of guilt or obligation or pressure.

I felt out of control in a world full of stressful things.


The anxiety manifested itself in all sorts of ways—insecurity, not thinking I was on par with other people around me, avoiding social situations, being uncomfortable at parties.

It eventually turned into panic attacks at home & at work that caused me to go on medication (which helped) and therapy (which helped).


But even with therapy & anxiety meds, the negative thoughts & emotions kept interfering with my daily life.


There was a stretch of a few years where I was so worried about not being able to get to a bathroom in time to pee that driving became a scary, uncomfortable time of my day.

I cared so much about what people thought of me that embarrassment was a REALLY big fear.

And peeing my pants? Pssh, prob THE most classic way in history to embarrass yourself. We've been doing it for generations.

But it made the hour before any drive real stressful—I was nervous a lot, going to the bathroom multiple times before the drive, and once RIGHT before I left.

This kinda stuff added up and really interfered with the idea of a consistently happy life.


I knew I wanted to feel better but didn't know how to.

I just assumed that anxiety was something that I'd have to deal with FOREVER—with meds & therapy to help.

Turns out, I was wrong!

In July 2019, I stumbled onto some personal development & spiritual self-help books that I really resonated with. I immediately started to approach my life differently...


🎭 I started listening to myself. I started using my emotions to guide me. I started to consider my mental/emotional state when making choices.

🌴 I started relaxing more, on purpose. I started to see if I could look at everything more playfully & less seriously. I practiced more positive self-talk.

🎯 I focused more on what I wanted and where I was going and on what made me happy. I started living more freely on my own terms—saying yes to the things I felt good about and saying no to things I wasn't interested in.

❤️‍🔥 I started consistently following my heart, my fun, my joy, my love, my interests, my passions, my enthusiasm, my excitement, my curiosity, and my relaxing chill vibes.



And👆 that’s how I found it: peace and happiness—and all the cool stuff that comes with that👇


I found more fun every day.

I had more confidence in myself.

I played more & connected more with people.

My anxiety went away.

I was able to get off my anxiety meds.

My therapist felt like therapy was no longer needed.

I just felt happy most the time. And present. And relaxed.


I FELT so different that it was like I found the cheat codes for life.


[Side note: I just put a pillow on my chair and said out loud to myself, "...and that's a CHEEK code for life." Nailed it.]


Anyways, all this is to say—I know what it's like to feel like my mind was working against me, like I had no sway over it. And I also know what it's like to change that.

Let's chat ways to make your life easier, happier, & more in flow with your dreams, my friend 🤩

🎮 Personalized cheat codes your life

The beauty of coaching is that you and I will get to have full chats about YOUR life, YOUR dreams, and the challenges YOU'RE running into. That lets me share the most helpful mindset cheat codes I have—personalized just for YOU!

📖 Let's change those stories, together!

I gotta say, one of my superpowers is catching negative or limiting stories you might be telling yourself. And my sister superpower is that I'm reallllllly good at helping you change those stories with a little logic, some common sense, and a whole buncha good vibes!!

🔥 Deep dives into what YOU care about

Whether you wanna talk about listening to yourself, feeling your worth, being more confident, manifesting cool stuff into your life, living in flow, or experiencing an easier, happier life—coaching allows us to go IN-DEPTH so that you can see progress even faster!

👇 Sign up for a 1-on-1 below👇



🕒 90 minutes

❤️ A positive, supportive, optimistic, encouraging space

💪🧠 Customized action mindset steps

🎮 Cheat codes that fit YOUR life

💻 In-depth chats

🎯 Personalized guidance

📖 New stories to tell yourself




🕒 90 minutes x 4 sessions

❤️ A positive, supportive, optimistic, encouraging space

💪🧠 Customized action mindset steps

🎮 Cheat codes that fit YOUR life

💻 In-depth chats

🎯 Personalized guidance

📖 New stories to tell yourself




🕒 90 minutes x 12 sessions

❤️ A positive, supportive, optimistic, encouraging space

💪🧠 Customized action mindset steps

🎮 Cheat codes that fit YOUR life

💻 In-depth chats

🎯 Personalized guidance

📖 New stories to tell yourself


Not sure? Schedule a FREE 30-min discovery call!

🧢 My style👖


After going down a personal development rabbit hole, I realized that there's SO many cool people out in the world teaching about making your life better, and they ALL teach it in different ways...


📚 philosophical ways (Ryan Holiday of the Daily Stoic does cool stuff)

🙏 spiritual & metaphysical ways (Ask and It Is Given is the spiritual self-help book that started my journey of finding myself)

🔬 scientific ways (boooringggg 🥱)

🛋 therapy-like ways (Marisa Peer has SUCH a simple way of explaining how the mind works)

🧠 Conscious/subconscious mind ways (I really like Joseph Rodriguez's approach on his YouTube channel)


But the way that works best for me—and the way I like to teach it—is the logical & common sensical way. 

Look, I'm a spiritual guy who LOVES a good magical-timing-of-the-universe story as much as the next person, but I LOVEEEE me some logic too.

Good, solid logic.

Give me some ideas that make logical sense to me, and things just CLICK CLICK CLICK way better in my mind. So that's how I teach.

It works for me, it works for the people I'm coaching, and it can work for you too!! 🙌

I mean, it's just common sense 😎

🚨 1-on-1 Vibe Coaching Is Limited 🚨


I have a limited amount of 1-on-1 coaching slots available each week (8).

When they fill up, no more spots will be available until someone ends their weekly coaching, so sign up now while seats are still open!

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😎 Oh yeah + it's totally risk free 😎


As with everything I offer, there's a FULL money back guarantee! If you are not fully satisfied with your coaching session, you can get a full 100% refund for that last session (even if it's the first one), no questions asked.

*For a 100% refund on the month-long 1-on-1 coaching or the 3-month 1-on-1 coaching, you must let me know before our 2nd session.


So try it out if you're interested, and if you don't like all the good vibes, get your money back!! Nothing to lose, my friend.


Look, you’re clearly here and reading this for a reason. You found this for a reason, it caught your interest enough to keep you reading all the way to this part for a reason—


🤗 You want to be happy, and you want the people you love to be happy.

🌊 You want life to feel easier and more in flow.

🪞 You want a strong sense of who you are.

🚀 You wanna manifest your goals & dreams.


And I want to teach you how to do those things. Damn, win-win.

Look at us.


Sure, you could make changes in 6 months, but why wait? These are MINDset changes—simple shifts of your MIND. You don't even have to leave the couch to do them!

So sign up for coaching and get the benefit of shifting your mind and ❤️ TODAY so that you can start seeing results, well, RIGHT NOW!!

Oh yeah plus it's fuuuuuuuuuuunnnn—

-Chris 🌈✌

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🕒 90 minutes

❤️ A positive, supportive, optimistic, encouraging space

💪🧠 Customized action mindset steps

🎮 Cheat codes that fit YOUR life

💻 In-depth chats

🎯 Personalized guidance

📖 New stories to tell yourself




🕒 90 minutes x 4 sessions

❤️ A positive, supportive, optimistic, encouraging space

💪🧠 Customized action mindset steps

🎮 Cheat codes that fit YOUR life

💻 In-depth chats

🎯 Personalized guidance

📖 New stories to tell yourself




🕒 90 minutes x 12 sessions

❤️ A positive, supportive, optimistic, encouraging space

💪🧠 Customized action mindset steps

🎮 Cheat codes that fit YOUR life

💻 In-depth chats

🎯 Personalized guidance

📖 New stories to tell yourself


Or schedule a FREE 30-min discovery call to see if vibe coaching is for you✌