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I’m Chris Newth, former associate producer on CONAN and current grocery store cinnamon roll enthusiast—here to help you raise your EQ (and your vibes) so you can enjoy life more. Damn, I love saying that.

Think of me as your new high-vibing friend and personal happiness trainer! Or the voice in your life that gives you other ways to look at things that make them... flowy-er.

A few years ago, I've discovered some LOGICAL, common sense ways to look at the world that totally changed my life, almost overnight—my stress & anxiety disappeared, my confidence blew up, and I found super consistent happiness.

It felt like I discovered cheat codes to life. And I did!

So now I wanna share them with you!! 

That's how I'll teach you how to raise your vibes—with the best shortcuts and coolest cheat codes that can EASILY change your mindset on whatever blocks you might be feeling right now ✌

"Chris’s coaching is so uplifting and easy to follow! 

He’s like the human equivalent of a vitamin B 12 shot! His energy is infectious in the best way.

If you’re new to manifesting, or just want a surge of positive energy in your life, look no further than Chris!"

-Stacy C.

Life is about the FEELS!

Emotions are everything. Really. Think about it:

✳️ They're behind ALL our dreams (everything we want is because we think we'll FEEL good when it happens)

✳️ They determine everything we say & do, which results in different outcomes (good & bad)

✳️ They determine the LENS we see and interpret life through.

Turns out, big deal.

So pay attention to them.

Understand what they're telling you.

Keep them in mind as you think and make choices throughout your day!


If you use your emotions to guide you, life is gonna be wayyyy more fun, easy, and happy. 


By the way, this seems like a great time to mention that I have a super easy cheat sheet that tells you EXACTLY HOW you can use your emotions to know what to do thru your day!

It breaks things down by how you FEEL and tells you EXACT steps you can take to minimize the bad, maximize the good, and enjoy the most you can out of life!


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Keetin M.

Chris's way of simplifying and combining larger ideas and practices is amazing. I'm starting to do these positive things subconsciously now that it feels so effortless. I have had so many "ah ha!" moments in the weeks since working with him. It's been an incredible step forward in how I deal with my own mental health and attitude every day.

Qiana T.

Surround yourself with people who speak life into you! Chris is very passionate about helping people achieve their goals and desires and you'll feel that through his coaching.

I found Chris at a point in my journey that I needed to be surrounded by positive thinking and focus on what is in store. . . He is very uplifting and encouraging. He definitely passes the vibe check. I highly recommend his coaching.

Dylan C.

I absolutely loved my experience with Chris's group class! I did it with my wife and I felt like we came out of it with a whole new language to use when talking about how we felt that allowed us to better understand each other's needs. He made it understandable and enjoyable in a way that I really appreciated. Highly recommend!

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It’s for people who want to raise their vibes together! That's right, a vibing COMMUNITY of like-minded people who want to think positively about their life, themselves, and their dreams—and support, encourage, and uplift you to do the same!


You go to dance class to learn how to dance, you go to music class to learn music, you go to yoga class to stretch your body. Come to Vibe Practice to practice thinking & talking in support of your goals & dreams!

Come vibe with us—