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"Cool site! What is this place? Paradise??"


Kinda! It's a place to look at life in logical, common sense ways that raise your vibes on purpose so you can find more paradise in your own mind & life!! 😎 



"Why raise my vibes?"

Because raising your vibes FEELS good! ...And because it's a huge ADVANTAGE to us in life:


⬆️ your vibes daily = you get HAPPIER and HAPPIER 😁

⬆️ your vibes daily = you find YOURSELF, your power, your confidence, a knowing of who YOU are 🧘🏽‍♀️

⬆️ your vibes daily = you live in FLOW where life just feels smoother, easier to navigate, free, & more peaceful 😌

⬆️ your vibes daily = you MANIFEST more of what’s important to YOU—your goals & DREAMS 🚀🤩


🌟 Best part... There are easy ways to raise your vibes ON PURPOSE, starting, uh... RIGHT NOW! 🌟



"Love the idea, but how??"


Our vibes (emotions) come from our thoughts. Change the way you're thinking, you can change the way you're feeling.

And that's what I'm here for—to give you NEW ways of looking at things, NEW ways of thinking about things, and NEW perspectives that can make your life easier, happier, moving in the directions of your goals & dreams.



Basically, I'm here to give you mindset SHIFTS that'll make your life better.


And best of all, these mindset cheat codes are based in logic and common sense so that you can easily learn them, understand them, adopt them, and use them!

Welcome to my happy vibing spot on the internet!!

I’m Chris Newth, former associate producer on CONAN and current grocery store cinnamon roll enthusiast—here to help you raise your vibes so you can enjoy life more. Damn, I love saying that.

Think of me as your new high-vibing friend and personal happiness trainer! Or the voice in your life that gives you other ways to look at things that make them... flowy-er.

A few years ago, I've discovered some LOGICAL, common sense ways to look at the world that totally changed my life, almost overnight—my stress disappeared, my confidence blew up, and I found super consistent happiness.

It felt like I discovered cheat codes to life. And I did!

So now I wanna share them with you!! 

That's how I'll teach you how to raise your vibes—with the best shortcuts and coolest cheat codes that can EASILY change your mindset on whatever blocks you might be feeling right now!!

🔥 Cheat code 🔥

Consciously think positively, openly, & optimistically about anything you're working on, and you're logically gonna KEEP getting cool fun ideas about it.

You'll prob even jump on some of them...

Life is about the FEELS!

Emotions are everything. Really. Think about it:

✳️ They're behind ALL our dreams (everything we want is because we think we'll FEEL good when it happens)

✳️ They determine everything we say & do, which results in different outcomes (good & bad)

✳️ They determine the LENS we see and interpret life through.

Turns out, big deal.

So pay attention to them.

Understand what they're telling you.

Keep them in mind as you think and make choices throughout your day!


If you use your emotions to guide you, life is gonna be wayyyy more fun, easy, and happy. 


By the way, this seems like a great time to mention that I have a super easy cheat sheet that tells you EXACTLY HOW you can use your emotions to know what to do thru your day!

It breaks things down by how you FEEL and tells you EXACT steps you can take to minimize the bad, maximize the good, and enjoy the most you can out of life!


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Be Guided by the Vibe

"Chris’s coaching is so uplifting and easy to follow! 

He’s like the human equivalent of a vitamin B 12 shot! His energy is infectious in the best way.

If you’re new to manifesting, or just want a surge of positive energy in your life, look no further than Chris!"

-Stacy C.

Raising my vibes & changing my mindset CHANGED MY LIFE


This practice (using my emotions to guide me every day) changed my life.

I've always been a generally happy-go-lucky guy, but for most of my 20's and early 30's, things were very different for me. I had anxiety that had built up for years, and it was really starting to interfere with my enjoyment of life.

I would get easily stressed and overwhelmed—and I had no idea what to do. I tried to control lots of things, which was impossible and of course backfired.

I had general social anxiety about going to parties or talking to people. And I had specific fears about traveling or driving without a bathroom close by.

I'd get panic attacks that would send waves of heat thru my body when my thoughts spiraled. I got on medication (which helped) and went to therapy (which helped), but nothing got rid of it. I assumed I'd have anxiety my entire life.


But 4 years ago, I discovered some of life's BIGGEST cheat codes:


The combination of listening to myself, changing my thoughts/stories, doing what made me happy more, and looking at situations thru a common sense lens CHANGED MY LIFE. It woke me up to a new way I could live it 🤯


And with that, I went from anxiety to PEACE, fear to FREEDOM, insecurity to CONFIDENCE, doubt to UNDERSTANDING. I felt totally in touch with my strong, powerful self—and it feels goooood.


And now I want to teach YOU all the things that helped me!!


So that's what I'll share with you—in the vibe guide, in weekly mindset cheat codes you get for signing up for the vibe guide, in my YouTube videos, and with DAILY cheat codes in our VIBING WITH FRIENDS Community!

“Okay I love the IDEA of this, but is it possible for me if I doubt myself?”

We all have our doubts sometimes, so go easy on yourself, my friend.

Here's the thing: it's not only possible you could live happier and more in flow with what you want out of life—it’s completely common sense that you can!!



"How is that?"

Because we can choose & change what we focus onhow we look at things & the stories we tell ourselves, which lead to happiness.
AND we can listen to what our emotions are telling us, do what makes us happy more, and remind ourselves of common sense things that feel good, which lead to happiness too.


So many paths you can take to logically lead you there!

I've done it myself and I’ve taught a lot of other people how to do it, so I KNOW you can do it too. 🙌

It’s just practice.


💬 Check out what people who have worked with me think! 💬

Keetin M.

Chris's way of simplifying and combining larger ideas and practices is amazing. I'm starting to do these positive things subconsciously now that it feels so effortless. I have had so many "ah ha!" moments in the weeks since working with him. It's been an incredible step forward in how I deal with my own mental health and attitude every day.

Qiana T.

Surround yourself with people who speak life into you! Chris is very passionate about helping people achieve their goals and desires and you'll feel that through his coaching.

I found Chris at a point in my journey that I needed to be surrounded by positive thinking and focus on what is in store. . . He is very uplifting and encouraging. He definitely passes the vibe check. I highly recommend his coaching.

Dylan C.

I absolutely loved my experience with Chris's group class! I did it with my wife and I felt like we came out of it with a whole new language to use when talking about how we felt that allowed us to better understand each other's needs. He made it understandable and enjoyable in a way that I really appreciated. Highly recommend!

"I'm def vibing with this— okay, what are the best ways for me to raise my vibes?"


SO many ways! I like to put it into three groups:

1️⃣ Do what makes you happy as much as you can, every day, on purpose—especially with the small things in your day that FEEL nice to you! 😄

Some people BELIEVE that they don't have time for FUN, or they don't deserve it, or that it's a waste of time...

But FUN is the opposite of a waste of time!! Doing what makes you happy puts you in clear-headed headspaces that are FULL of cool answers & insights, creative ideas, more perspective on your life, and clarity on what to do about things.

That's right— you might not realize it, but there’s a GOLD MINE of solutions you can access JUST by playing Zelda (or whatever YOU do for fun)!


2️⃣ Replace the negative & limiting stories you tell yourself with good ones that will help you and your life! 📖

Look, every day—all day—we are telling ourselves stories (positive & negative). Some stories help support us & what makes us happy; some stories get in the way & make our lives harder...

Positive story/belief: "I deserve happiness and success."

Negative story/belief: "I'm not good enough." 

These stories affect everything—what we say to people, HOW we say things to people, what choices we make, and HOW we read/interpret everything that happens—and all of THOSE things logically manifest different kinds of results!

I'm reallllllllllly good at helping people find better (common sense) stories they can tell themselves that logically change their life!

Reach out to me for a free 30-minute consultation call if you want personalized help changing your negative beliefs. I'm here!


3️⃣ Listen to yourself and use your emotions to guide you! 🧭  

Ultimately, YOU are the best source of all your answers.

Pay attention to how you FEEL and then do DIFFERENT things depending on your current mood. It's about approaching life differently based on how you FEEL.

Below is an easy guide of things I did that changed my life. It’s FREE and it’ll tell you EXACTLY what you can do when you’re feeling good and EXACTLY what you can do when you’re feeling bad to raise your vibes—it’s the thing that solved 80% of my problems (including anxiety & panic attacks).


🌟 Best part—you can start practicing this TODAY. ...Now even!! 🌟
Raise your vibes a little today and (by definition) you’ll be changing your life for the better.



See ya on the other pages—

Chris 🌈

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