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Come vibe up WITH friends

Welcome to Vibing with Friends—a community of kindred spirits and future best buds who want to raise our EQ's and our vibes together! ✌️

"I heard there was a happy community here! What's it all about??"


Welllllllll, it's about being yourself, enjoying life, living in flow, having dreams and consciously manifesting them, and raising your vibes—TOGETHER with people who also love to ⬆️ their vibes!

And the best way to do all ☝️ is to raise your emotional intelligence (your EQ).

If you understand what your emotions mean, what they're telling you, and what to do with them—you can be yourself more and live an easier, happier life in flow with whatever your heart cares about.

And THAT'S what Vibing with Friends is all about!

Our community is like a warm hug of positivity and optimism. And fun! We play a lot, and I tell stories about how awkward I am walking down an escalator when it's broken...

(anyone else just CLOMP down them like you’ve never used stairs before??)


Anyway, I want to put together a group of like-minded people & friends who...

🌟 Know the value of thinking positively about ourselves, our lives, and the dreams we're headed for 🌈

⚡︎ Practice tuning into high-vibe thoughts & feelings on purpose 💭

💪 Support, encourage, & uplift each other 🙌

🚀 Share helpful discoveries along our journey that make life feel easier, smoother, and happier 💡

🏆 Share our wins & our challenges so we can grow together 🤩

😁 Practice doing what makes us happy & fulfilled each day and root for each other to do the same! 🎉



"And what are the benefits to raising our EQ (and vibes)?"


⬆️ your EQ & vibes = find super consistent HAPPINESS 😁
⬆️ your EQ & vibes = get to know & be your TRUE SELF ❤️‍🔥
⬆️ your EQ & vibes = live in FLOW so life feels smoother, easier to navigate, & more peaceful 😌
⬆️ your EQ & vibes = MANIFEST more of what’s important to YOU 🚀🤩


That’s the whole goal: to help you get (and stay) happyyyy more and more each day—and see all the logical benefits from doing that!


And that's exactly what we do in the Vibing with Friends community, except we do it as a cool supportive team!


Of course there are endless ways to raise your vibes, but you don't have to do it alone.

If you don't feel like you have an optimistic space to talk to people about yourself, your life, and your dreams...

...or if you just love the idea of raising your vibes alongside a bunch of cool people with great energy, that's what we're hereeeeee for!!

Come vibe up with us sometime.


💬 Check out what some of the awesome people I've worked with have to say 💬

Qiana T.

Surround yourself with people who speak life into you! Chris is very passionate about helping people achieve their goals and desires and you'll feel that through his coaching.

I found Chris at a point in my journey that I needed to be surrounded by positive thinking and focus on what is in store. . . He is very uplifting and encouraging. He definitely passes the vibe check. I highly recommend his coaching.

Andrea H.

I feel so blessed to have experienced his life coaching expertise and immediately (and easily) started implementing the words of wisdom into my daily practice.

My happiness bar increased within a few days and continues to climb as I practice shifting my lens and view on life. It has felt so good to feel the change within myself and to witness how it has started to impact others around me.

Chris has a unique gift which he shares so freely and I am thankful for being the recipient of his kindness and generosity.

Dylan C.

I absolutely loved my experience with Chris's group class! I did it with my wife and I felt like we came out of it with a whole new language to use when talking about how we felt that allowed us to better understand each other's needs. He made it understandable and enjoyable in a way that I really appreciated. Highly recommend!

This community is perfect for you if you...


🔥 Want to raise your emotional intelligence (EQ)

🚀 Want to improve your life

🧘‍♂️ Want to feel in touch with yourself and who you really are

🕊️ Want to live more freely

😄 Want to be happy (like, very consistently happy)!!

💪 Want to find your confidence and feel genuinely empowered

👥 Want to be guided by an open, optimistic guy who's there to support, encourage, and uplift you!

🌊 Want to live in flow with yourself & the universe more and find more peace in life (even when unexpected things pop up)

✨ Want to manifest the dreams you have in your heart & mind for yourself (or to discover what your dreams are if you haven't thought about them)!


You'll also LOVE it if you’re into...


💪  personal development

spiritual self-discovery

📚 self-help

🔆 the power positivity can have on life (while also knowing the value in feeling negative emotions too)

😊 or anyone who likes a guy reminding you daily of common sense ways to look at the world that might make yours a little easier and nicer 😌



Which of these 3 happiness categories do you fit?

1️⃣ You’re already consistently happy and want a community of others to vibe high with. Awesome! Our community is perfect for you because raising our vibes and shifting our thoughts is a daily practice, and it’s just fun to do it alongside other people with similar passions for life!

2️⃣ You’re happy sometimes, but not as much as you’d like to be. You’re happy enough to enjoy some of life, but you want to find ways to enjoy it more. You feel like you have to be missing something because you know it can be easier, happier, and more fun than this. You just haven't quite figured it out. You feel it sometimes, but you wanna feel it more! Love it!! You have a great baseline—let our community help you fine-tune your happiness.

3️⃣ You’re not very happy and feel lost, insecure, stuck, not as confident as you want to be...BUT you KNOW there are ways to shift that and you BELIEVE in the power of the mind, the power of positivity, the power of telling yourself better stories. You know it's a matter of looking at things differently, and you just want some guidance doing that.


No matter what your current happiness level is, you're a great fit as long as you have that knowing deep inside you that you want to be happy and you know it's just a matter of changing how you look at things to get there! 😎

📧 Daily Mindset Cheat Codes

Get step-by-step guidance on your journey with DAILY email cheat codes—simple, logical tips & tricks to understand the mind, raise your EQ, and just make life easier & happier so that you can be in the perfect headspaces to POP the kinds of ideas, opportunities, & inspiration to create the kind of life YOU want to live.

🍕 Weekly Vibe Practice with Me & Friends!

Every week, we'll hang out like old friends. Or new ones! Feel free to order a pizza. We both know I ordered Chipotle...again.

You know how you go to dance class to learn how to dance? Come to Vibe Practice to practice your vibes! It's a hour of thinking & talking in support of yourself, your goals, & your dreams in a positive, logically optimistic space while changing any negative or limiting stories along the way. (Sundays at 11am PT)

🤝 Community Love

This is the best part: You! Me! Other cool positive friends to vibe ⬆️ with! No need to do this practice alone. Connect, share, post, comment, and learn from fellow supernovas who also want to raise their vibes and follow their dreams! Separate, we’re pretty cool… Together? C'monnnnn


🏋️‍♀️ Daily Vibe Tune-up's

A short 1-5 minute daily exercise to help you vibe on the wavelength of your dreams! 🌈 Easy to squeeze into your day... hard to not enjoy!

🌈 I'm Vibing with You

I'm on the journey to my happiness & dreams too! So I'll be right there with you raising my vibes alongside you in the community.

Happy to be your logical, optimistic cheerleader who's there to remind you of your power & your strength, even in those times you forget (happens to all of us). I believe in you. I believe in me. Let’s make life easier and happier, together!

💰 Sweet Discounts

As part of our vibing community, get awesome discounts on anything else on the site, whether you want personalized 1-on-1 coaching or the dynamic energy of our group coaching programs. It's a win-win-win-win-win, my friend!

Choose your own adventure...



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Top features

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🔥 Daily Mindset Cheat Codes (M-F)

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🤝A Vibing, Supportive, Uplifting Community!

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😎 Oh yeah + it's totally risk free 😎


As with everything I offer, there's a money back guarantee! If you are not fully satisfied with the Vibing with Friends community, you can get a full 100% refund if you request it within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked.

So try it out for a month and if you don't like all the good vibes, get your money back! All gain, no pain. Nothing to lose!


Look, you’re clearly here and reading this for a reason. You found this for a reason, it caught your interest enough to keep you reading to this part for a reason—you want something better. You want to be happy and live with a sense of ease & flow in your life. And you don’t wanna do it alone.

Come be part of Vibing with Friends for as long as you want and see what raising your EQ and vibes can do for your life!

Imagine this:


💡 You understand your emotions mean & what to do with them.

😌 Life just feels easier because it’s SO much more understandable.

😄 You feel happy, sometimes for no reason at all—just for being in better moods so much lately.

🎉 You pay attention to when you get fun, interested, excited feelings inside you about life, and you let yourself freely do things that make you happy way way more.

💪 You have a confidence about yourself and your life and your ability to figure anything out.

🌊 You often feel like you’re in flow—with other cool people you talk to, with good ideas popping at the perfect times, and with the MAGIC of life!

🚀 And in your happiness and flow, the creative “Ah-ha!” moments keep logically and organically leading you one step at a time to manifest the VISION you have for yourself and the people you care about.

😌 You just feel happy, confident, peaceful, and free. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…

👥 You enjoy raising your vibes with other cool people who are doing it together!


👆 THAT'S what a higher EQ can help you get!


And THAT'S what we're going for: Happiness. Fun. Play. Flow. Lightheartedness. Confidence. An understanding of yourself, your emotions, and the world around you. Dreaming up cool things and then vibing your way to them (& them to you!).
...And connecting with cool people who wanna do the same!

Look, we all want it!


We just want to be happy. We want it for our kids, we want it for our family and friends, and we want it for ourselves.

That’s what Vibing with Friends is setting a space for—for us to ENJOY our life and ROOT for each other to do the same!

So come join other like-minded new friends who share your passion for personal transformation and happiness!


🚀 If this sounds too fun, interesting, or exciting for you NOT to jump into... THAT'S your cue!! Follow that inspired action now and start raising your EQ and your vibes in the Vibing with Friends community today! 🚀


You can do it on your own, but doing it with us is SO much more fuuuuuuuuun 😎 

Come vibe with us!
Chris 🌈

Chris's way of simplifying and combining larger ideas and practices is amazing. I'm starting to do these positive things subconsciously now that it feels so effortless. I have had so many "ah ha!" moments in the weeks since working with him. It's been an incredible step forward in how I deal with my own mental health and attitude every day.

-Keetin M.



Top features

🔥 Daily Mindset Cheat Codes (M-F)

🏋️‍♀️ Daily Vibe Tune-up's (M-F)

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Top features

🎁 Two months FREE

🔥 Daily Mindset Cheat Codes (M-F)

🏋️‍♀️ Daily Vibe Tune-up's (M-F)

👥 Weekly Vibe Practice to Join or Watch Later

🤝 A Vibing, Supportive, Uplifting Community!

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